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 Unban / Unwarn Appeal

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PostSubject: Unban / Unwarn Appeal   Tue 26 Jan 2016, 08:48

[center][b]Hello! and welcome to the Ban/ Warn Appeal section!
?Do you feel like you got an unjust Ban/ Warn
Would you like to Appeal?
This is the place for you!
All Ban/ Warn appeals will be in the format below!
[quote]Character name :
Main character name:
Banned/Warned for:
Why should I be unbanned:
Have you been bypassing your current ban: No / Yes[/quote]
All Ban/ Warn appeals posts will be answerd by a staff member within 48hours!
Please wait patiently and do not bump your thread![/b][/center]
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Unban / Unwarn Appeal
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